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Privacy Guides

Privacy Guides is an open source project which provides up-to-date, evidence-based information that helps you protect yourself online.

I was a member of the Privacy Guides team.

Generally, I aimed to

  • review cutting-edge research, to maintain awareness of emerging technologies and best-practices;
  • review written content, to ensure the professional tone that Privacy Guides readers expect;
  • contribute ideas and technical input to internal discussions;
  • and, most importantly, advocate for digital freedoms!

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Freelance Design

Originally trading as “Kai Tebay Design”, I started a freelance UX and UI design business.


RosyRetro® eCommerce

Coming soon!

Lifestyle Blog Template

A showcase of four web-pages which overlap each other, as if they are stacked. The pages are mostly white and feature minimalist design.


🍂 - A Hi-Fi prototype for a sleek, content-focused blog

Notion Dashboard

A showcase of a minimalist Notion dashboard. A modern artwork of a person is in the center, beside a schedule, and the image is divided diagonally to show the light and dark variants.

PNG (Overview) | Website

💭 - A minimalist personal and project management dashboard, built entirely in Notion.

It features

  • a sensible base, ready for database integration;
  • a streamlined and user-focused task-management design, based on Bullet Journalling and, optionally, tight integration with Todoist;
  • and a flexible management dashboard, appropriate for small businesses or individual projects.
  • It comes in black, too.


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Academic Research

BA Philosophy, University of Bristol

I specialized in Philosophy of Science (particularly Physics, including Quantum Mechanics and Special and General Relativity), and completed additional extended research on Neuroscience and Meditation, and the Ethics of State Surveillance.

I also co-authored original research:

Fryer, J. & K. Tebay. (2021) “Bridging the Gap between Ethical Holism and the Animal Liberation Movement”, BILT Journal in Philosophy. Bristol: University of Bristol.

PDF | Publication

During my degree, and aside from my independent research, institutional access to cutting-edge research let me access inspiring new ideas. Many of them helped to shape my values and further pursuits. Since then, I’ve been passionate about the aim of open education.